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Annual General Meeting

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NOTICE is hereby given that the next Annual General Meeting of The Entrance Leagues Club
Limited is to be held on Monday February 22nd, 2021  commencing at the hour of 6.00pm at
the premises of the Club, 3 Bay Village Rd, Bateau Bay, New South Wales, where the members
will be asked to consider and if thought fit pass the following Ordinary Resolutions, along
with the following Agenda items.


1. To confirm minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held Monday
February 24th, 2020.
2. Receive and consider the Balance Sheet, and Income and Expenditure Account’s and
the Report from the Auditor for the Year End 30th September 2020.
3. To elect the Board of Directors for the ensuing year.
4. To deal with business of which due notice has been given.
5. Ordinary Resolutions: to consider, and if thought fit, to pass the following Seven (7)


Ordinary Resolutions.
ORDINARY RESOLUTION 1: That Directors and disabled persons be entitled to specific
parking spaces in the Club’s car park.
ORDINARY RESOLUTION 2: That until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club,
provision be made from the Club’s funds not exceeding $6,000.00 for the reasonable cost
of providing each Director as the Board shall from time to time approve, a Club uniform,
formal wear or other clothing to be worn at Club functions and whilst attending to or
carrying out any duties in relation to the Club whether at the premises of the Club or
ORDINARY RESOLUTION 3: That until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club,
provision be made from the Club’s funds not exceeding $6,000.00 for a Christmas
Function for the Directors and their partners, Club Management and their partners and
Special Guests of the Directors.
ORDINARY RESOLUTION 4: That until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club,
provision be made from the Club’s funds not exceeding $35,000.00 for the reasonable
cost of food, travel, accommodation, registration fees or subscriptions incurred by
Directors attending trade shows or displays, seminars, conferences, meetings, other
registered Club’s or other similar facilities to view or access their facilities or operational
systems, or sporting community, charity or other special functions, provided that the
Board has resolved that any such activity is for the betterment of the Club and in the
course of the duties of the relevant person or persons.
ORDINARY RESOLUTION 5: That Directors be entitled to a meal and coffee at any Board
Meeting of the Club and to a meal when entertaining special guests of the Club provided
the same is provided by the Club.
ORDINARY RESOLUTION 6: That the Club meet the cost of any Director’s Indemnity
Insurance or Insurance for Management, which the Board has resolved is reasonably
necessary for the personal protection of such Director or Manager in the carrying out of
their duties or functions as such Director or Manager.
ORDINARY RESOLUTION 7: That Directors on the Board of Directors of the Club and those
Members who are also Members of The Entrance Rugby League Football Club Committee
be allowed to use the Club’s Gym Facility which is located at 3 Bay Village Road Bateau
Bay, at such times as determined by the Club.
6. To deal with any other business that the meeting may approve of which notice has not
been given.

NOTE TO MEMBERS: Under the Registered Clubs Act, a member cannot derive directly or
indirectly any profit, advantage or benefit that is not offered equally to all members, unless
certain requirements are met. The resolutions ensure compliance with Section 10(1) (1) of
the Registered Club’s Act, which requires members to approve entitlements and other such
benefits, as permitted by law, to Directors. Each motion must be voted on as a whole and may
not be amended by way of motion from the floor of the meeting. To be carried, each motion
must receive votes in its favour from not less than a simple majority of those members who,
being entitled to do so, vote in person at the meeting.
FINANCIAL REPORTS: Members who wish to obtain a copy of the 2020 Financial Report can do
so by providing their Current Financial Membership Card at the Club or a Financial Report is
available to be viewed upon the Clubs Website:


Dated: 6th January 2021, By Direction of the Board
Mark Chaffey
Chief Executive Officer

Pursuant to the Constitution please note: All business and notices of motion to be dealt with
at the Annual General Meeting shall be handed to the Secretary at least 42 days prior to the
date of such meeting.