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The Entrance Leagues Club
Embracing Community, Sports, and Excellence


Situated in the breathtaking Central Coast, just a short 5-minute drive from the beach and adjacent to Bateau Bay Square Shopping Centre, The Entrance Leagues Club Limited is a premier destination for outstanding facilities, quality food, functions, and entertainment. Our recent extensions and refurbishments have transformed the club into a fresh and inviting venue, dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for all our valued members and guests.

Mission of the Club

The mission of The Entrance Leagues Club is to be a pillar of support and engagement within its local region. As a club that relies on the backing of the community, we understand the importance of making positive contributions to the growth and development of our area. We are committed to providing exceptional sporting and social amenities to our members and their guests, nurturing a love for Rugby League Football and other sports in The Entrance District. By upholding high-quality practices across our service industry involvement, we aim to exceed member expectations, maintain regulatory compliance, and strive for industry leadership. Our ultimate goal is to foster competitive excellence in Rugby League while promoting a strong sense of community spirit.


Purpose of the Club

The purpose of The Entrance Leagues Club is to create a vibrant and inclusive hub where members and guests can come together to enjoy exceptional sporting, social, and entertainment facilities. We are dedicated to fostering a love for Rugby League Football and other sports within The Entrance District, nurturing a passion for athletic excellence and sportsmanship. Our commitment to satisfying member expectations drives us to maintain high-quality practices in all aspects of our involvement within the service industry. By implementing rigorous quality management practices and procedures, we strive to be recognized as an industry leader, setting the benchmark for regulatory compliance and accepted industry standards.