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Guiding the Way with Exceptional Leadership

The Entrance Leagues Club is governed by a distinguished Board of Directors, comprising individuals who bring a wealth of expertise, experience, and a shared passion for the club’s success. Led by a vision of community engagement and sporting excellence, our Board plays a pivotal role in guiding the strategic direction and ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of the club. With their unwavering dedication, visionary thinking, and commitment to member satisfaction, our Board of Directors is instrumental in shaping the vibrant future of The Entrance Leagues Club.


D. Hart – President

Retired Waste Services Manager, joined the board in 1988.


P.G. Dawson- Vice President

Travel Consultant, joined the Board in 2008.


G. Walsh Director

Company Director, joined the Board in 2023


N. Walker Director 
Joined the Board in 2019


W. Fuller Director 

Joined the Board in 2019


L. Weir Director

Joined the Board in 2021  


C. Woods Chief Executive Officer

Commenced as CEO in 2021.

The Board of Directors at The Entrance Leagues Club is composed of a dynamic group of individuals who are deeply committed to the club’s mission and values. With their diverse backgrounds, extensive knowledge, and strong leadership capabilities, our Directors are at the forefront of driving the club’s success.

Drawing upon their expertise in various fields, our Board members bring invaluable insights and perspectives to the table. Their guidance ensures that the club operates in accordance with the highest standards of governance, financial responsibility, and transparency.

Under the visionary leadership of our Board, The Entrance Leagues Club continues to thrive as a community-focused organization. By promoting the game of Rugby League Football and offering outstanding sporting and social amenities, our Directors are instrumental in fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among our members.

Moreover, the Board of Directors actively engages with the local community, recognizing the importance of positive contributions to its growth and development. Through strategic partnerships, outreach initiatives, and community involvement, our Directors uphold the club’s commitment to making a lasting impact beyond our doors.

Passionate, forward-thinking, and dedicated to member satisfaction, the Board of Directors at The Entrance Leagues Club exemplifies excellence in leadership. Their collective vision and unwavering dedication propel the club forward, ensuring its continued success as a premier destination for sports, entertainment, and community engagement.